Rules of regulation


All the staff of the Mother See, scientific workers, students of bachelor and master degrees, graduates, post graduates of  different academic institutions and universities, non academic institutions are  eligible to make use of “Vache and Tamar Manoukian” Library. Those who are under 18 must have a special permission of the Director of the Library.

The books may only be accessed in the Library reading rooms and cannot be checked out from the Library .


1. The following persons are entitled to borrow books from the Library:

 . Three books to archbishops, bishops, senior archimandrites, archimandrites,  monks, priests, deacons working in different departments in Mother See; clergymen of Monastic administration department; clergymen in the spiritual service of the Army; students of Gevorkian Theological Academy, Vazkenian Theological Seminary and Seminary of Harichavank.

. One book to the employees of Mother See with the reference of the Head of the Department.


 2. The right to borrowing is accorded to persons mentioned in (3) above, and they can borrow books from the Library for a period of one month. This period can be expanded with the special permission of the Director of the Library. The book must be renewed at the Issue desk by the librarian.


3. Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, reference books, rare, valuable and illustrated publications, albums, author’s abstracts and the books published before 1900, which are only accessed in the Library reading rooms, will not normally be lent out. Publications of 1851-1900 are issued to the employees of the departments mentioned in (3) with the special permission of the Director of the Library.


4. All the users of the Library are eligible to be served in the reading rooms.


5. In case of change of address, place of employment or phone number, as well as in the case of loss of readership ticket the reader must immediately inform the department of library services (lending & circulation department).


6. In case of literature delay over the specified term the reader service is terminated up to return (replacement) of the debt. In spite of that he may also temporarily (up to 1 year) lose the right to use the Library or it will result in loss of privileges of using the Library of Mother See.


7. Readers are required to undergo re-registration within the deadline prescribed by the Administration of the Library. At the same time, all the literatures drown from the Library, should be returned or presented for inspection.


8. In case of lost or damage of any publication the reader must return the Library the same publication. In the impossibility of this (according to decision of the special commission of FSL), the reader must provide equivalent replacement, or pay for the publication at tenfold of the price.


9. Whenever condition of the Library unit permits a user makes own copies. The user ought to handle the Library units with care and make copies only in the Library


10. Ordered materials if not taken during 3 days, will   be returned to the depository.


11. In the reading rooms readers have free access to all reference materials.
The collections of reference materials are mainly stored with reference literature/ encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks and inquiry literature/.


12. The literature, which is not found in the reference materials, can be ordered from the book depository.


13. The following is forbidden:

. not to give the reader's card to another person;

. not to make notes in the margins of the books and magazines, tagging underscores,   bending pages, tear sheets, etc.;

. take out literature from the reading rooms without permission ;

. talk loudly and use  cell phones in the reading rooms and the room of circulation; 

. smoking in the building of the Library;

. misbehaving in the Library.


14. Readers must be aware of the using rules of catalogues and how to fill in the order form.


15. Students are allowed to Library reading rooms only on production of their authorized Reading Cards.


16. In case of violence of these rules, the reader will be forbidden from the use of the services of the Library.


17.  No person is allowed to borrow Library material unless he/she has a Reading Card.