New Publications

New Publications

  • 23 Jun 2017
  • With the blessings of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All
    Armenians; the Publishing Department of Mother See has published two new boosk. The first is a Russian-language work entitled “St. Grigor of Tatev and his Morality”by Rev. Fr. Ghevond Hovhannisyan, a member of the Brotherhood of St. James in Jerusalem. The second book is a monograph called “Soul Care Philosophy and Modernity of David the Invincible” by Mrs. Silva Petrosyan.

    In the “St. Grigor of Tatev and his Morality” book, Father Ghevond introduces the reader the different episodes of the history of the Armenian people, reveals his spirit and essence, as well as through the examination of the works of Saint Grigor of Tatev, Archimandrite of the Armenian Church, represents the Archimandrite’s morality which is also relevant in modern times. In the book he also referred to Christological disputes.

    Mrs. Silva Petrosyan’s monograph is dedicated to the philosophical anthropology of the most influential Armenian philosopher David the Invincible and the soul care philosophical culture- one of the greatest achievements of the ancient world which due to him became an Armenian property. The doctrine of David the Invincible in the ancient Greek civilization is the heir of soul care philosophical culture and its transmitter to the Armenian cultural world. David the Invincible managed to find such a combination of human problems which is able to serve people belonging to different cultural worlds, as it contains deep faith towards human exaltation and self-fulfillment.

    The two books were published through the sponsorship of the Sarkis Gabrellian Fund.